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Please see the sample letters and forms below to support your efforts towards meeting the Performance Meter attendance targets. 

The Effects of Attendance on Academic Achievement for Elementary and Middle School- Click here to download in English, Spanish.

The Effects of Attendance on Academic Achievement for High School- Click here to download in English, Spanish.

October/November Health & Wellness Attendance Presentation

Attendance and Dropout Prevention Plan Template

Beginning of the Year Letter

Generic Attendance Policy- English

Generic Attendance Policy- Spanish

Initial Truancy Letter- English

Initial Truancy Letter- Spanish

Notice of Truancy #2

Notice of Truancy #3

Kinder Compliance Letter

Kinder Excessive Absence Letter

Work Permit

College Resources For Foster Youth

Foster Youth Achievement Program Brochure

Click here to access Pupil Services Tools/Guides for Counselors.  (Requires Single Sign-on)

Click here to access the Attendance Improvement Program web page.

Attendance Improvement Program Toolkit

Check out additional resources on the Pupil Services web page

Special Education Updates


The purpose of this Reference Guide is to clarify the specific roles and responsibilities of the clerical staff assigned to special education and 504 tasks. The provision of this clerical support does not release certificated staff from their responsibility related to all aspects of special education compliance in their roles as administrators and teachers.   

Due October 15 - Attachment A: School Roster of MCD Clerical Support


The Special Allocation for Support of Special Education Compliance (Program 2817) is provided as a supplement to the school budget to be used in conjunction with all available resources at a school site. The allocation for 2013-14 will be $85 for each student with an active Individualized Education Program (IEP) in the Welligent System and enrolled in the school at the time of the allocation.

The initial allocation of “2013-14 Special Allocation for Support of Special Education Compliance” funding will be disbursed to schools when the budget opens after July 1 of the school year through program code 2817. The initial allocation will be based on 75% of the number of students reported in a February 2013 count of students with an active IEP in Welligent.

It is the responsibility of site personnel to use these funds effectively. Schools may be required to reimburse overdrafts from other available funds. If an overdraft is still present at the end of the school year, schools may have future allocations reduced based on the year-end overdraft expenditures report by the General Accounting Branch.


Lists the dates for NCI trainings for the 2013-14 school year and registration information.

Student Body Policies and Accounting Procedures

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